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Please refrain from attending in person classes if any of the following apply:

  • You have had a fever or experienced any signs or symptoms of the flu and/or COVID for 48 hours.

  • You have traveled to any hotspot areas.

  • You have been exposed to anyone with a positive or a presumed positive COVID diagnosis in the 14 days leading up to your class.

  • By entering the studio, you are confirming that you are in good health and none of the above apply to you.


Masks are required when you enter the studio, stand in the common areas, and when you are exiting.  Your mat must be aligned with a social distancing marker on the floor and remain there throughout the class. Once your mat is aligned and class begins, you may remove your mask to practice.  Masks must be re-applied at any time a student leaves the mat.

Please Sign up for classes online prior to coming to the studio. This is REQUIRED due to our reduced class cap during the pandemic. Please be considerate and refrain from enrolling in classes you do not intend to take to ensure there is space for other students to practice.  A late fee will be assessed for any class not cancelled within two hours of the class start time.

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